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Serve those in need as Christ would have us do

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Strengthen Families, Eradicate Poverty

URGENT: A Refugee Needs Your Assistance!

Just weeks ago, many of us watched the news footage of the evacuation scenes at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan with utter heartbreak. It was devastating to see the crowds of desperate people clamoring to get to safety and to see the endless lines of people waiting to board a flight. While this is no longer making headlines, their story is far from over. The people who were fortunate enough to get on a flight have landed in the USA and are undergoing health and security screenings. Most have little more than what they could carry and are alone in a foreign land. They need your help!

Catholic Charities agencies across the country have been called to assist with relocating these families who fled Afghanistan following the withdrawal of U.S. troops. That includes our agency. We have been successfully resettling refugees since 1975 and have committed to resettling 50-75 displaced Afghan refugees and provide humanitarian aid as they begin new lives. We expect to see the first wave of families by the end of October or early November. That means we have less than a month to collect financial and material support.

These vulnerable Afghan people need our help NOW! They have had to flee from their country, home and everything that they hold dear. Most of them have experienced unimaginable trauma, their families have been separated, they are scared and alone in a whole new country. We know that we can count on you to help us with this emergency and make them feel welcomed. As our Holy Father, Pope Francis, said, “We are a church without borders!”

Your Donation to a Refugee Helps Them Build a New Life...

  • $2,000 -- Covers a family’s basic needs for a month
  • $500 -- Gives a family clothing
  • $250 -- Allows children to have a safe car seat
  • $100 -- Buys school supplies for children
  • $50 -- Provides a baby diapers for a month

Or consider donating an item off our Fort Wayne Amazon Wish List or South Bend Amazon Wish List.

Since 1922

Catholic Charities of the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese has served those in need as Christ would do. As the Charitable Arm of the Catholic Church, we serve 14-county diocese through 20 different services to meet the unique needs of our communities. We have three offices: Fort Wayne, South Bend and Auburn. Together, we served almost 16,000 people last year, but many more still need help obtaining financial and emotional self-sufficiency.

We are experts on poverty relief.

When we use the word poverty, we don't just mean financial poverty... Over the course of a century, we have figured out the secret to bridging gaps that leave people in the cycle of poverty. That secret is hope. At Catholic Charities, we aren't just case managers; we are cheerleaders, teachers, financial planners, translators, counsel and sounding boards to our clients as they work towards becoming self-sufficient.

YOU are part of our secret. When you invest in Catholic Charities, you are investing in our clients' journey to self-sufficiency. You are investing in the next generation growing up free from poverty. You are investing in their hope.

What are your funding sources?

Does the Church provide all of our funding? How much federal funding do we receive? How will my donation help those in poverty?

These are common questions we receive. Below you will see how our programs are funded and why it is so important we receive support from individual donors like yourself.

With just one click, together we can:

  • Help a pregnant teen graduate from high school
  • Help a refugee family make a new life
  • Help a family keep their lights and heat on
  • Help a student, individual or couple receive counseling
  • Help a grandparent reenter the workforce to provide for their grandchild
  • Help a family eat for a week
  • Help a mother choose life
  • Help a survivor of human trafficking

Simply, without you, our community would lose hope.

Please call our main office at (260) 422-5625 if you have any questions or preferences about your gift.

To mail your donation, please send to:

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend

PO Box 10630

Fort Wayne, IN 46853

Planned Giving

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